The film Palimpsest reconstructs the interior of one house over a period of three centuries. These three hundred years are compressed into ten minutes and unraveled through a combination of 'time -lapse', real time, and stop frame photography. The camera is fixed as the 'space' inside the frame itself transforms, destructs and evolves with the passage of time. Historical periods are played toward archetypes and signifiers of how we understand these periods through constructed references to 17th, 18th and 19th century painting and early 20th century cinema. Life is represented through the everyday rituals of labor and domestic duties. As time progresses, the environment reconfigures itself – leaving faint legible remains. Decay extends itself to rebirth and the living are engulfed by the omnipotent specter of those who came before. As the layers unfold there is a build up of historical residue which engulfs the entire field of time and space leaving a complex web of human strata.

Re:animate, Oriel Davies Gallery, Wales (UK) (First Prize Oriel Davies Open)
SeogyoSixty2010: The Imaginary Archive-The gaze of 120, Seogyo Art Centre, Seoul (KR)
I-MYU Projects, London (UK)
Animafest, Zagreb (HR)
Animac, Catalonia (ES)
 Inferencia Museo Ciencias de la Salud, Bogotá (CO)
Coliding Worlds, Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide (AUS)
Yebisu International Festival for Art, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (JP)
Animadrid, Mira Theatre, Madrid (ES)
Anim’Est Bucharest (HU)
Melbourne International Film Festival, Melbourne (AUS)
London International Animation Festival, Horse Hospital, London (UK)
Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro (BR)
S.I.C.A.F, (KR)
L’Entrange Festival, Paris (FR)
Axonobuild, Site Gallery, Sheffield (UK)
Festival International de Films de Femmes, Creteil (FR)
Clermont Ferrand Film Festival (FR)
• Creatives in Residence Showcase, Hospital Club, London (UK)
• Projektor, Café Gallery Projects, London (UK)